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Savannah Fountain Pen ISWDR_SA

Sale price$1,540.00

At day’s end, the savannah comes into its own. A feast of colour bathes the landscape in hues of yellow, orange, red and pink.” Project WILD and Montegrappa return to Africa to contemplate its intoxicating beauty through a new lens. An exclusive Montegrappite blend uses vivid twilight tones to evoke the painted skies and restless energy of a moment photographers refer to as ‘the golden hour’.
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Montegrappite Artisanal Resin
  • Trim: Stainless Steel
  • NiB: :18k Gold
  • Filling System: Converter
  • Packaging: :Special
  • Included: :2 x Cartridges, Converter
  • Length: :139 mm
  • Diameter: :16.7 mm
  • Weight: :49.00 gr